Excelsior Worldwide Logistics Corp Success Story

Early this year, Excelsior Worldwide Logistics Corporation’s success story has been cited by Victory Fort, as an encouragement to business men and professionals in their weekly gathering.

In the series Faith to Conquer that discusses about the worthy cause of faith through obedience, Pastor Jeff Eliscupidez shared how the company turned around from following corrupt practices in the industry, to being fully transformed by obeying what the Bible is teaching in 2009.

With the leadership of its founder and owner, Victor Hermosa, Excelsior experienced a short term contraction in business due to clients who are used to the usual corrupt industry practice to speed up release of their shipments in the government body that overseas importation and exportation of goods.

However, with his strong desire to obey his faith, Victor had to accept the departure of many of his accounts and trust God that obedience will lead to blessings.

In this video Pastor Jeff Eliscupidez shared what happened shortly after obeying God’s call for righteousness.

Currently, Excelsior Worldwide Logistics Corporation is continually experiencing God’s favour and business growth, expanding it’s coverage to be able to accommodate the increasing needs of it’s customers. Aiming to give them the peace of mind by making sure that everything is done right, investing in it’s people development and technology to be able to give topnotch quality service and experience.

To see the full video, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIXKYbc9S34&feature=youtu.be