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Import & Export Requirement Assistance

Seamless End-to-End Transportation

Import & Export Requirement Assistance: Excelsior is willing to guide you in the world of importing and exporting business. Equipped with people who have a deep understanding about the different importing and exporting legalities, Excelsior Worldwide logistics is the best option for your business import and export needs.

Our sincere, professional, and upright import and export service offerings are the following:

· Assist government requirements/ clearance/ import & export permits.
· Filing at the government single window(NSW)
· Assist for your Customs Accreditation.

When searching for a customs broker, it is important to choose a company that empowers employees to become Licensed Customs Brokers.
· Eighty percent (80 %) of Excelsior Partners (we called them partners not employees are Customs Administration Graduates, 7 are Licensed Customs Broker, exceeding the industry average. Excelsior Worldwide supports and encourages all employees to become Licensed Customs Brokers to provide clients with customs expertise and superior customer service. Contact us today for more information on our customs brokerage services and International Freight Forwarder Services.