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What You Need to Know About Port Congestion – Infographic

Port congestion is when a ship coming into a port for the express purpose of cargo or passenger operations is…
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A Guide for Searching a Reliable Freight Forwarding Partner

Finding an excellent freight forwarder is very important, especially if you want your shipping business to run smoothly. A shipping…
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7 Factors that Influence Ocean Freight Rates – Infographic

Ocean freights are a lifeline for companies nowadays, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that engage in international business…
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What is the Difference between FOB and CIF

What is the Difference between FOB and CIF?

When a business carries out an international deal, understanding the different terms used for the movement of goods is necessary….
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Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Logistics Service Provider

Logistic services contribute to the economic growth as it incorporates a wide range of services, including transportation and cargo distribution….
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Attracting Foreign Buyers for Your Products Infographic

In this age of technology, finding potential foreign buyers for your products is now more convenient. As simple as setting…
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