Integrity in Business By Excelsior Team (Infographic)

Several decades have passed, yet nothing rings truer than the words of Zig Ziglar: “Honesty and integrity are by far the most important assets of an entrepreneur.”

Many businesses today have been seen to close shop after 10 years; sometimes it only takes 7, or even just 5 years. If you ask entrepreneurs whose businesses have endured past the 10-year mark, they are likely to tell you that the key, the fundamental ingredient is this: integrity.

Business giants and industry leaders attest to the primacy and indispensability of integrity in their business success. Bill Gates openly speaks of how honesty and good morals have served as his stepping-stones towards his success. Warren Buffet has both verbalized and lived out how an unwavering adherence to high moral standards has paved the way for an untainted reputation, which has positioned him to be the most successful investor today.

Indeed, integrity is the crux of every business’ system infrastructure, the cornerstone on which a business’ success is founded on.

Integrity in Business By Excelsior Team

But what exactly is integrity and why does it matter so much?

Integrity comes from a Latin adjective integer, which means whole and complete. Imagine a bicycle wheel with several spokes that connect the center of the wheel to the rim. The spokes, when whole and complete in its assembly, enable the wheel to turn effectively. When one breaks, goes missing, or starts to rust, this compromises the structure of the wheel, thus contributing to feeble and ineffective functioning and progressive deterioration.

In an organization, being whole and complete has to do with establishing moral standards and living up to them, so much so that it becomes the very glue that holds the company together. Examples of such moral standards include honesty and transparency. Failure to adhere to these leads to collapse, first internally wherein mistrust occurs among employees and partners, and then externally, between the business itself and its customers.

The absence of an established set of moral values deprives companies of a “true north”. With nothing to guide them, they are capriciously directed by profit, trends, and other external mechanisms, which are all elusive at best.

Acting in integrity allows the company to be the “go-to company” for clients’ needs. Why? For the simple reason that the business has earned the trust of customers. No other factor – no amount of net worth, network, or company size – can be a better measure of a business’ trustworthiness than its integrity.

A company that has seen the powerful impact of customer trust on their business’ success is Excelsior, a budding industry leader in customs brokerage & international freight forwarding services. Today, 90% of their sales are by referral. Their clients have become their biggest marketing and sales force.

Clients of Excelsior have been a witness to their high moral standards, values of honesty and transparency, and uncompromised quality of client-centered service. Excelsior likewise upholds utmost integrity in their customer service, business dealings, and business operations. They have been in service for the past 17 years.

Truly, with integrity as the foundation of any business, it is sure to move from good to great and withstand the test of time.

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