Advantages of Being an Accredited Importer (Infographic)

Responding to the economy’s endeavor of progress, a factor of its primary resource needs to comply and go with the flow of its demand. Through importation, Philippine economy continuously grows and expand. However, the government which is responsible for regulating and facilitating trade, implement strict policies on the importation process in order to prevent smuggling and to combat tax fraud and evasion.

Accreditation of importer is a necessity when facilitating a transaction with the Bureau of Customs (BOC) wherein ease of processing of documents and release of goods are involved. Importers need to be accredited with the BOC which is indispensable because once you are not, the agency will not recognize your papers. Otherwise, gaining accreditation from the Bureau equals to certainty that your shipment will be entered in any customs office at ease.

Importation is a Privilege given by the government. It is not a right.

Advantages Of Being An Accredited Importer