What Is a Customs Broker and Why Do You Need One?

What Is a Customs Broker and Why Do You Need One?

Importing and exporting are two strategies currently being used in business expansion. In exporting, a business grows by tapping into international markets
and establishing international contacts. In importing, a business is able to provide
solutions to existing problems, as well as supply existing needs, through granting
access to products needed locally but only available elsewhere.

In the process of importing and exporting, the shipment will have to come in
contact with the customs, a government agency that manages and regulates the
flow of goods in and out of any country.

This is where a customs broker plays an important role.

A customs broker is a licensed individual or firm that ushers all shipment,
whether imported or exported, through customs. It is the broker who represents
the shipper when it comes to any dealings with the customs authorities, and
prepares the necessary documents for the shipment. A customs broker also
ensures that every phase of the shipment is consistent with the set rules and
regulations of goods transfers, which are unique, and not to mention constantly
changing, in every country.

Customs brokers also provide assistance when it comes to the classification, valuation, and entry protocols of goods, while making sure that all details and
necessary procedures associated are ironed out. Customs brokers also ensure
correct information with regard to taxes and tariffs, all in an effort to usher goods
towards its destination in an efficient and timely manner. The timely and efficient
ushering of shipment is critical because any form of delay in customs clearance
will cost a significant amount of time and money.

It is also important to note that communicating with different countries is no mean
feat, especially if there is a language barrier. In this sense, the customs broker
also serves as a translator, thereby ensuring that communication lines are not
broken or unduly diverted.

All in all, a customs broker performs all technical coordination functions relating
to importation, exportation, and overall goods transfers.

Because of the laborious nature of the processes involved in international trade,
as well as the technical requirements associated with importation, exportation,
and customs transactions, it is highly advisable for any business to avail of the
professional service offered by customs brokers. This way, businesses will have
the confidence and peace of mind that their shipments will be able to cross
international borders in a safe and efficient way. Furthermore, the services that
customs brokers provide enables business owners and staff to focus exactly on
what they need to focus on: managing their business.

As a business owner, getting a customs broker to help you with your shipment is
a wise business decision that will help you and your business remarkably. It is
not only practical, but also time and cost-efficient.

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Allow Excelsior to assist you in the movement of your shipment, meet all of the
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