Traits of a Reliable Customs Clearance Service Provider – Infographic

Dealing with customs authorities for shipping your products is one of the most time-consuming and stressful parts of running an export or import business. Apart from hiring a reliable freight forwarder, getting a customs broker in the Philippines is also essential towards clearing your transported goods and keeping your supply chain in stable condition. But not all agents can be considered as “reliable” and “trustworthy.”

To make the most out of a customs brokerage service, one must be able to identify an agent or company that can provide the highest quality of service, with a considerable amount of experience and knowledge in the field.

Here are some signs that a customs broker is definitely a worthy investment for your business

Traits of a Reliable Customs Clearance Service Provider - Infographic

A Reliable Customs Broker Is a Licensed Professional

Every country has its own laws that regulate the individuals that practice customs brokerage. The Bureau of Customs (BOC) in the Philippines is the one that issues information regarding accreditation guidelines for customs brokers. With a licensed customs broker, expect that you will experience a seamless and trustworthy service that keeps your shipping goals on the right track.

A Reliable Customs Broker Possess Excellent Organizational Skills

With a plethora of documents and requirements that must be cleared, being organized must always be a staple trait of every customs broker. The client will be the one to suffer in case something during the shipping process goes wrong, so a reliable customs broker should be able to prevent unnecessary errors and ensure that the goods will be able to arrive at its destination without delays.

A Reliable Customs Broker Must Be Well-Educated and Trained

Similar to other professions, customs brokers should spend a significant amount of time for training and keeping an ample amount of knowledge on different topics such as logistics and laws that concern product transportation. Being a reliable customs broker in the Philippines requires familiarization of laws and regulations, including trade-related information, and basically everything about customs processes and requirements for clearing shipments.

A Reliable Customs Broker Must Be Always Updated With Any Recent Changes in Customs Policies and Freight Forwarding Process

One of the reasons why many businesses today are more inclined to hiring freight forwarders and customs brokers in the Philippines is that requirements for clearing shipments can change at any given moment. Customs brokerage service providers that are top-notch in the industry tend to experience lesser problems when complying with the requirements because they always keep themselves updated with everything that is going on, especially in customs and freight forwarding policies.

A Reliable Customs Broker Must Have Adequate Knowledge about Your Business

It is highly beneficial for your business if your chosen customs broker is equipped with enough knowledge regarding the nature of your shipment. This way, you can get expert advice that can make save you a lot of resources when transporting your goods in the future.

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