Import Facts: What Are the Benefits If Your Customs Broker and Forwarder is Efficient?

Cost-efficiency is one of the primary goals of many businesses, and the same holds true in import and export business. As such, choosing the right customs broker and freight forwarder is extremely important to make this goal a reality.

In this infographic, we will discuss how an efficient customs brokerage and freight forwarder firm can help your import and export business grow and keep the cost low in the long run.

1. Your Business Will Reach New Markets

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A successful small business needs to put its product in front of customers, even if those customers are in the other countries. An efficient customs broker that provides intercontinental coverage is imperative to helping your goods reach those customers quickly and efficiently.

And if you’re importing parts and components, a broker with locations at all major ports and border crossings can help ensure your goods get to you in a timely manner. Ask your broker about their coverage and what services they can offer to help you reach new markets.

2. Your Business Process Will Improve

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While you keep your efforts focused on your business, you can look to your broker for expert advice on moving goods across the border. Your broker should be able to offer guidance on customs regulations, tariffs, valuation, classification and more – advice that can help you reduce shipping times and save money.

To provide this advice, your broker must have licensed or certified customs professionals available who can answer questions about the customs process – all you need to do is ask. Don’t hesitate to inquire and take advantage of any guidance or services your broker provides that can improve your processes, help with your record keeping and prepare you for customs audits.

3. Save Time and Money

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Technology and automation have had a huge impact on business in the 21st century. All brokers are required to have, at a minimum, automated systems that exchange shipment data with U.S. and Canada Customs.

Many brokers offer additional technology tools and/or use specific systems in-house that can help you increase your efficiency, control your costs, and reduce your risk of non-compliance. These include proprietary imaging solutions, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions, e-billing options, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) tools and more.

These solutions can reduce paperwork, simplify your accounting and help keep your business in good standing with Customs. Check with your broker about the technology offerings they have at hand and how they can help you improve efficiency and reduce costs.

4. Better Manageability

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Manageability and organization are incredibly important for businesses which need a sense of control over their supply chain and can recover quickly in the event of a loss. Many third-party logistics companies may be too bulky to offer the transparency and personal touch that international shippers need. If a shipment is lost it could take multiple departments, phone calls, and repeated questions to get the answers you need. On the other hand, freight forwarders utilize their wide-ranging networks to quickly trace the problem directly to its source, enacting immediate solutions.

5. Freedom from Contracts

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In our natural quest for reliability, we often insist on contracts and binding documentation that guarantees a certain level or quantity of service. But the shipping industry is full of moving parts (both literally and figuratively) and it could actually hurt your business to stay tied to one carrier for a year or more. Freight forwarders give you a lot more freedom to do what is best for your business, and the awareness that you could switch firms at any time drives them to keep you constantly satisfied.

6. Timely Arrival of Shipments

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Freight forwarders offer unique versatility which can come in handy for meeting tight deadlines or when dealing with unforeseen obstacles. A seasoned forwarder has the resources to handle unfortunate circumstances like rerouted shipments or delays at sea.

Imagine you’re shipping goods to Panama from China, Europe, and the United States, and one of your shipments is diverted to another port due to stormy seas. How prepared are you to react and handle that smoothly? To a freight forwarder, situations like this are just another day at the office.

As a business owner, having the right customs broker and freight forwarder to help you with your shipment is a wise business decision that will help you and your business remarkably. It is not only practical but also time and cost-efficient.

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