How to Ensure Successful Partnership with a Freight Forwarder

How to Ensure Successful Partnership with a Freight Forwarder

A productive and efficient partnership with a freight forwarder is critical in today’s challenging import-export landscape. Not only it is important to generate the best return for your investments, but it can also significantly boost your competitiveness in the market because a freight forwarder streamlines the overall logistics operations of your business in the long run.

Here are the ways to ensure a successful partnership with your chosen freight forwarder.

Communicate Your Priorities

If your freight forwarder knows what matters to your import-export business on the get-go, they will be able to provide you with the solution best suited to meet your goals. For instance, if you want to achieve significant cost-savings, then they can help ship your cargo by sea. If you need to receive your goods quickly, they can offer to ship your goods by air instead.

An experienced freight forwarder should be able to help you on every aspect of shipping, from which type of container to use,  choosing the right Incoterms, and releasing your cargo in customs yard, but they need to know your business priorities first.

Know Your Compliance Responsibilities

Hiring a freight forwarder for your business doesn’t free you up from compliance responsibilities. It is essential that you understand your compliance obligations as an exporter since failure to comply with compliance regulations can put you and your freight forwarder to severe legal and financial implications.

As an exporter, there are four key compliance considerations which you need to deal with:

  • Proper classification of what you’re shipping.
  • Trade policies and regulations in your country.
  • Proper labeling in your cargo.
  • Proper documentation requirements.

While a reliable freight forwarder will be more than willing to help you in these aspects, lack of basic understanding in this area can lead to serious issues, since most forwarders often tender shipments based on information that exporters give to them.

Only Work with a Reliable and Trustworthy Freight Company

When choosing a freight forwarder, reliability and trustworthiness are two factors that most business owners tend to overlook. Don’t make the same mistake of taking the risk of partnering with a freight company without these characteristics because it will only affect your reputation in the industry.

That said, accreditations and affiliations with reputable trade and logistics organizations can be an indicator of these qualities of a freight forwarder. Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistics partners with International Container Terminal Services, Asian Terminals Incorporated, and Chamber of Customs Brokers.

We are also duly licensed as Total Logistics Company by the Bureau of Customs, and holds a Philippine Economic Zone Authority accreditation, which has the additional benefit of simplifying and speeding up the customs process for your shipments.

Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistics conduct free orientation for those who are willing to learn about importation & exportation. It is our advocacy to share our knowledge & experience for 17 years in the business. Contact us today to learn more about our service.