Is Your Customs Broker Helping You Save Money from Import Cost?

Is Your Customs Broker Helping You Save Money from Import Cost?

When getting your goods into a country as an importer, passing through customs is an inevitable hurdle. As with any situation, you can either decide to whether or not you should do all the legwork alone or use a local customs broker to help you steer through often-rough seas of customs compliance.

Another question to be answered when looking at using customs broker is whether the price of doing so affects total import cost.

An Honest Customs Broker Can Impact Your Total Import Cost

If you to clear their goods at customs alone, you’re going to have to be at points of entry to receive goods, handle the tariffs, taxes and documentation and get the goods warehoused and/or moving into the supply chain themselves. Working with an honest customs broker that are experienced with all of the above is the best way to stay compliant and up to date with the importing process.

As a business owner, it is very important to work with someone who understands your unique requirements and delivers the level of service you need to succeed in your marketplace. And most importantly, you only want to work with a broker that will help your business save money in a legal and ethical manner in all your import dealings.

To know if your customs brokers are helping you save money from import cost, you must ask yourself if they are providing you with the following benefits:

  • Saving time on paperwork

The customs clearing process can be an extremely laborious task. If your customs broker is still giving you tons of paperwork to fill out, you may be missing precious time from other aspects of your business. Your customs broker should take care of all the necessary documentation for you, which will help you save time, which in the business world, equates to money.

  • Reduce errors on customs documentation

In relation to previous point, all the documentation that your customs broker has done on you behalf must be free from any mistakes or issues. If your current broker filled out the forms and made a mistake, your goods may be held up at the customs yard.

Ultimately, that can slow order processing down significantly. It can also make clients unhappy, which can tarnish your business reputation. Finally, it may result in product returns. All of that can cost your business but turning to a trusted and reliable customs broker can help you avoid costly documentation mistakes.

  • Handling duty payments

Lastly, an honest customs broker should help you create a reasonable appraisal of your items. If necessary, they should also be able to negotiate with the customs officials to keep the valuation relatively low, and subsequently, keep the duties low as well. These negotiations are another way that a customs broker helps to save your business money.

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