Advantage of Having the Services of a Freight Forwarding Company

Advantage of Having the Services of a Freight Forwarding Company

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In the shipping world, one of the most common catchphrases that we often hear is the freight forwarder or forwarding agent. As one of the most critical elements in the global supply chain, freight forwarder has the task to assist and support you in the importing and exporting process- ensuring that all your goods are delivered to your warehouse safely and efficiently.

As your business grow and expand, and the competition in the industry becomes stiffer, you must also keep up with the number of shipments that must be delivered to your customers locally and abroad. To achieve that, you can have the services of a freight forwarding company to manage the shipping function on your behalf, while you stay focus on the things you do best. Detailed below are some the key advantages of using a freight forwarder in your business.

Freight Forwarders Offers Services That Are Rather Complex for You to Handle

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Choosing a freight forwarding service instead of handling the whole logistics functions in-house or another type of logistics provider can bring in a lot of difference especially on the type of services that they can handle. A lot of small and medium enterprises doesn’t have the capability and resources to manage all the shipping requirements effectively, in which case a freight forwarder does have.

Using their knowledge and skills in the importing and exporting industry, they can transport your cargo to any destinations more efficiently. They have the resources to handle unexpected circumstances like redirected shipments or delays, saving you a lot of time and effort in the process.

Some of the services that a freight forwarding provides includes:

  • Inland Transportation Tracking- Freight forwarding firms track your shipments while they are in transit by truck, rail, or air.
  • Shipping and Export Documents Preparation- Because shipping a high volume of goods is just another day for freight forwarders, they have all the required skills in the shipping documentation.
  • Warehousing- They either have their own warehouse in several locations or lease one in an area they don’t service themselves.
  • Booking Cargo Space- They know which carriers are best at serving a location so they have the advantage when it comes to shipping abroad or even to various regional domestic markets.
  • Freight Consolidation- They can turn several small shipments into one large shipment at a lower cost.
  • Cargo Insurance/ Filing Insurance Claims- Because of their knowledge about the intricacies of shipments, they can obtain insurance coverage for your shipments as well as how to deal with insurance should anything go wrong with a shipment.

    Freight Forwarders Offers a Specific Set of Services at an Ideal Cost

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    Another advantage of having the service of a freight forwarding company in relation to other outsourcing logistics solutions, such as third-party logistics companies or freight brokers, is that they offer a specific set of services which prices are ideal and more cost-effective than 3PL companies that have a broader range of services and freight brokers whose scope of services is only limited to arranging the mode of transportation and does not issue their own bill of lading.Freight forwarders, because of their large network of connections for their services, can negotiate with carriers for lower cost due to the high volume of containers they ship. They can find better freight quotes and have the knowledge which carrier has the most cost-effective routes, allowing your shipments to reach their final destinations faster and at an ideal price.

    Freight Forwarders Brings Simplicity


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    Truth be told, the shipping industry is indeed full of complexities and volatility. Dealing with these by yourself might result into an expensive shipping process or worst- lost shipments. By having the services of a freight forwarding company, your shipments can move much easier because you are only communicating with one entity.
    For one aggregated cost from a single freight forwarding company, you can save a lot of time, money and frustrations. You do not have to mingle with the different trucking company, air carrier, and an ocean carrier to negotiate for services and compare prices because freight forwarders combine these to give you more flexible shipping options.

    Freight Forwarders Gives You Sense of Control


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    Manageability and organization are one of the most important aspects for many businesses today, especially in logistics function. Freight forwarders give its clients a sense of control over their supply chain, allowing them to foresee the risks as well as to recover quickly in the event of loss of shipments. Compared to many 3PL companies who have a broader breadth of service and stiff structure, freight forwarders have a unique combination of services which allows you to modify the shipping plan to make sure all your shipments reach their destination safely and in a timely manner.

    Furthermore, many 3PL companies, due to their wide-ranging scope of services, cannot offer transparency and personal touch that international shippers need. If your shipment is lost, it could take a very long time before you get the answer you need. Freight forwarders, on the other hand, utilize their wide range of networks to quickly trace the issue to its roots, acclaiming solution at first-hand.

    These are just some of the many reasons why partnering with a freight forwarder can help your import or export business grow and expand. Knowing these benefits, what you should do now is to evaluate if your needs do qualify for a freight forwarding service since not every shipment demands this type of shipping arrangement.

    Finding an Honest and Reliable Freight Forwarder?

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    You’ve found one! As an international freight forwarder, Excelsior Worldwide Logistics Corp. ensures that each cargo arrives at its destination safely and in a timely manner. We act as your shipping agent to transport your cargo from point A to point B without hassle. Plus, our wide network of air, sea, and land carriers allows your shipments to travel on the most effective routes across different channels. Let Excelsior guide you in the world of shipment today. Call us at (+632) 525-9775 or send us an email at