5 Most Common Shipping Problems

5 Most Common Shipping Problems

The shipping industry in countries like the Philippines is often involved with a lot of requirements when it comes to transporting goods from one place to another. Due to the complexity of the shipping process, it’s not surprising to know that issues and other problems might arise which could disrupt the supply chain of those businesses who rely on services like freight shipping.

Fortunately, such issues can be apprehended by hiring a trusted freight forwarder and customs broker. But still, it would be an advantage for those who are investing a lot in import and export business to be aware of the most shipping problems.

Problem #1 – Missing Documents

The most important document that must always be present at hand during the shipping process is no other than that original copy of the Bill of Lading (BOL). It might sound like a no-brainer but believe it or not, many shippers tend to misplace them due to certain reasons. If you ended up losing your Bill of Lading, there’s a high chance that you will experience delays with the release of your shipment. Make sure that your Bill of Lading is always secured via a reliable channel.

Problem #2 – Unanticipated Closures and Cancelations

One troublesome shipping problem that frustrates many businesses nowadays is when unexpected events happen, leading to the port getting closed or the freight carrier canceling its trip to the destination. The reasons may include strikes by port workers or truckers, and natural disasters. In cases of natural disasters, it’s always better to face the delays instead of the carrier risking the safety of everyone on board and your shipment.

Problem #3 – Overweight Cargo

Failure to properly check the weight of the cargo often results in several problems throughout the shipping process. First, there’s going to be inaccuracies to the documents as the cargo’s weight is essential information that must be submitted. Second, the shipment might become so heavy that it will require different lifting equipment, wasting you a lot of time and (and most likely, money) in the long run.

Problem #4 – Lost Shipment

In addition to missing documents, every shipper must know that if they’re going to have their goods transported on a massive carrier, chances of it going missing are quite high. Ports are now starting to grow larger, and with a plethora of other shipments, you will have to hire a trusted third-party agent to keep an eye on your products.

Problem #5 – Holidays

National holidays can be a good time for being merry and taking some rest from work, but it could mean delays on your part as the shipper. To prevent such problem, do some research on the upcoming port or terminal closures at both origin and destination. Anticipate the holidays by scheduling your shipment before the specific dates, unless you have to suffer a stressful shipping process filled with tons of other cargoes and port congestion.

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