Tips for Managing your Supply Chain during the COVID-19 Outbreak – Infographic

The COVID-19 outbreak has given many businesses today a rough time, especially in the aspect of growth and making a profit. As the virus spreads throughout the world for the past months, it is quite an unfortunate scenario for anyone who thrives in keeping their supply chain intact.

Since a lot of places such as cities and provinces are currently under quarantine, it can be an absolute challenge for an enterprise to reach out to their customers, let alone their suppliers. Failure to find a solution to this issue could be highly detrimental to your business.

However, there are ways of how you can minimize the negative effects of the pandemic on your supply chain. Here are some of the best tips that can help your supply chain to survive during the COVID-19 outbreak:

Tips for Managing your Supply Chain during the COVID-19 Outbreak - Infographic

Know More about Your Suppliers

With obstacles that are about to befall your line of communication, it is crucial for you as the owner to know more about your suppliers. Make sure to make an assessment regarding their capabilities to comply with your agreements during this situation. Ask them whether they manufacture the goods you receive from them, or if they receive it from others. Having such information can help you identify potential issues and the future and plan a strategy ahead of time.

Understand the Possible Implications of the Pandemic in terms of Demand

The rise and fall of demand for these times can depend on the type of business. For example, grocery stores tend to have a significant increase in demand for their products since people would most likely buy to replenish their food supply at home. This is, of course, not the same case with other businesses such as those that thrive in entertainment and leisure.

You need to consider what type of business you have, as well as your target market, in order to develop a more efficient response. You also need to keep in touch with your suppliers and talk with them regarding possible changes, especially in the arrival of their deliveries.

Study the Restrictions or Guidelines about Importing and Exporting

To hinder the swelling number of those who are infected with the virus, governments across the world implemented their own quarantine measures, which greatly affect the existing regulations in importing and exporting goods. If your business involves international importing and exporting products, then you need to know about these new guidelines.

Prepare a Pre-emptive Plan

Considering that China is one of the countries that got severely devastated by the virus, it won’t be a surprise that it will send a negative domino effect in global trade. There are still no clear indicators that this pandemic will be over soon, so always expect the unexpected. Prepare multiple alternative options in case of any disruptions in the part of your suppliers and be wary of early warning signs such as any changes in your suppliers’ payment terms.

Give Consideration for Your Workers’ Health and Welfare

Your workers play an essential role in making your supply chain in a stable condition. In line with this pandemic, successful businesses tend to survive because of the support that they receive from the loyal workforce. To look at this situation from a positive perspective, it can be an opportunity for you as the owner to show that your worker’s health and welfare will always be paramount.  Adjust and develop new working practices like remote work and increasing your automation methods.

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5 Questions to Ask When Looking for a New Licensed Customs Broker

Questions to Ask When Looking for a New Licensed Customs Broker

So you just decided to hire a new licensed customs broker to keep your supply chain from getting disrupted by the complexities of shipping processes. In addition to freight forwarders, having a trusted licensed customs broker can bring ease and save a lot of time in transporting your products especially on an international scale.

However, with the growing emergence of such a profession, finding the appropriate licensed customs broker for your business can become quite challenging as everyone will surely fight their way to have you as a client. Not all licensed customs brokers can provide the same level of service, which means that you must be ready to know more about them before making an agreement.

Here are five questions that you must remember when looking for a new licensed customs broker:

  1. May I see your track record?

Knowing the track record can make you more confident that your new licensed customs broker can handle well all of the customs requirements and other related tasks for your business. This can be done after doing initial research. A licensed customs broker working for a company will most likely possess a good online presence. Try visiting their official website and see if they have other online platforms used for reaching out with potential clients. You might even take a glimpse of their track record by checking out some of their webpages, but you still have to ask them in person to see if they can give you consistent information. The more reliable the track record is, the better.

You can additionally look for any certification to verify their license.

  1. Do you have any pending lawsuits?

Since licensed customs brokers frequently deal with customs authorities, dealing with any lawsuit could mean incompetence and a tarnished reputation. While the firm you’re talking with might avoid topics such as this, it’s still quite better to ask them and verify their answer by thorough research.

  1. What is your vision?

Know more about the short and long term goals of the company. Remember the possibility of spending a great deal of time with them, so you better be aware of how assertive they can be. You can give more emphasis on their vision regarding the usage of modern technology in helping their clients clear different shipping processes.

  1. How much will your service cost?

This question will most likely start a long conversation consisting of negotiations between you and the broker. Prices can vary based on your agreement but be sure to have a detailed breakdown of all the services that are going to be rendered. You should also talk about their payment processes to avoid hassles in the future.

  1. Can you provide quality service based on client needs?

Your new licensed customs broker must at least have some experience when it comes to dealing with clients that are related to your industry. This can be an indicator that they will be able to provide your needs as well. Keep in mind that versatility is an attractive trait in business especially those that offer expert services.

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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Freight Forwarding Company Right Now

Thanks to modern technology, physical boundaries are not the main issues anymore when it comes to building a successful business. Every company must be aware of the fact that shipping their goods on a wider scale requires the skills and expertise of a reliable freight forwarder. These professionals possess all the necessary knowledge in dealing with all outgoing and incoming shipments in ways that can further enhance efficiency and overall productivity.

Many businesses today tend to experience some difficulties in creating a thorough plan for product shipping. Time is a very valuable resource and that’s why freight forwarders can be helpful in this kind of situation. If you’re a business owner and still quite undecided on hiring a freight forwarding company, here are some of the most entailing reasons why you should do so.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Freight Forwarding Company Right Now

Reason #1: It optimizes your supply chain

Shipping your goods from a specific country often involves the utilization of different carries as well as some knowledge on the shipping laws of two nations. One of the main responsibilities of a freight forwarder is to take good care of everything related to the supply chain of your company.

Reason #2: It ensures that your goods are going to be delivered on time

Ensuring the timely arrival of your goods to its intended receiver is a vital factor to promote your company’s reputation. Fortunately, many freight forwarding firms do utilize the power of technology in order to notify you about the current status of your shipment in real time.

Reason #3: It makes shipping faster and easier

Shipping your goods internationally can make you accountable in undergoing a long and arduous process in the hands of customs authorities. But with the service of freight forwarders, business requirements can become much more bearable as they have a well-established network of agents, carriers, and even some customs officers that allow them to transport freight quicker than you can expect.

Reason #4: It helps you to effectively manage your logistics and prepare essential documents

Regardless of whether you’re still in the verge of selecting your carrier or preparing your documents, a freight forwarder can always help to guide you through. Simply let them know about your shipment’s destination and they can take over all the legalities and formalities that you are supposed to deal with.

Reason #5: Provides your supply chain with a broader network of logistics connection

Hiring the service of a freight forwarding company gives your business access to an expansive network of agents, carriers and customs officials. It means that with more options to choose from, you can determine ideal shipping price, saving you more money in the long run.

With all of the benefits mentioned above, hiring a freight forwarder is a good investment indeed, especially if you’re still starting to gain a competitive foothold in your line of industry.

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4 Tips to Keep your Supply Chain in Good Condition – Infographic

The supply chain is defined as a congregation of all the resources of an organization, including its members, activities, and technology that operates solely for the purpose of creating and selling a particular product. Managing your supply chain is an integral step towards building a reputable business brand. A highly efficient supply chain strategy can optimize your profits by reducing the operating costs as well as increment customer satisfaction.

One crucial factor in maintaining a healthy supply chain is through the integration of effective logistics especially when your company is just starting out. Amp up your competition to the global market with these four tips in keeping your supply chain in tip-top condition!

4 Tips to Keep your Supply Chain in Good Condition - Infographic

Tip #1: Optimize your transport system

Optimizing your transport system can minimize most of your financial expenditures as well as boost your productivity. By investing in TMS (Transportation Management system), you can easily record all of your progress in transporting goods real-time so that you can have a detailed record of what’s currently going on. TMS can also provide information on the latest costs of shipping so that you can identify which carrier offers the most affordable price.

Tip #2: Take advantage of modern software used for warehouse management

While managing your warehouse is highly important, doing it manually could take a significant amount of your time. Time is a precious resource in business, so you might want to find a way to use it as wisely as possible. Why not take advantage of the era that we live in? There’s several computer software out there that can automatically help you in organizing your warehouse and make it even more productive. 

There are available management systems today designed to fill out your orders right away and take a detailed record of your resource allocation.

Tip #3: Formulate your initial inventory requirements

In case you’re working with an established brand, you can analyze at past inventory performance and see if it can be compared to the latest industry trends. The information that you can retrieve will serve as your reference for knowing which product can give you the most profit. It’s highly recommended to focus on selling a carefully curated assortment of products rather than a diverse product range. You have to choose a product that people truly want.

Tip #4: Track your POs and inventory to prevent stock-outs

You may already have some reliable suppliers for your business, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Keep an eye on the current condition of your inventory at all times and stay updated if there are any delays. You will also need to have a backup plan if the products that arrived from your warehouse have damage. 

On the other hand, monitoring your Pos (Purchase Orders) enables you to immediately detect and deal with any customer inquiry and complaints.

Final thoughts

When it comes in keeping your business up and running your supply chain definitely plays a big part. You might spend some of your resources, but keeping a tab on these four tips will ensure that you will have no problems in perfecting your supply chain so that you can eventually reach the top of your industry!

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Chinese New Year: Tips to Keep Your Supply Chain Efficient (Infographic)

If you have been importing from China over the past years, you’re probably already aware that the Chinese New Year is one of the freight peak seasons that you should prepare for.

However, if it’s your first time, here is a detailed discussion of how the Chinese New Year can affect your supply chain:

The Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China, that is why it is a tradition among Chinese people to take some time off and celebrate it with their family.  

In fact, during its celebration, businesses temporarily shut down because they are focused on cleaning their houses thoroughly (to remove negative energy) and on preparing food for the feast.

As a result, freight demands shoot up, prices increase, and containers easily become full, making it expensive and difficult to import.

Having that said, here are four tips to keep your supply chain efficient during the Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Year- Tips to Keep Your Supply Chain Efficient - Infographic

Confirm your supplier’s schedule

As mentioned earlier, Chinese people are focused on preparing for the new year’s celebration. For that reason, most Chinese suppliers start to wind down their operations one to two weeks in advance.

Aside from an early halt in operations, some Chinese suppliers also take long  in resuming to their normal operations that’s why you need to confirm your supplier’s schedule so that you can place your orders while they’re still performing transactions.

Failing to confirm your supplier’s schedule can have you waiting for a month or two to place an order again since the Chinese New Year celebration usually lasts for sixteen days and that’s a red alert for import delay.

Place your orders in advance

Confirming your supplier’s schedule will enable you to place your order in time but why do it on time when you can do it early?

Placing your orders in advance won’t only help you avoid delays, it will also help you cut back on expenses and find adequate space for your shipments.

Everyone is on a rush months before the Chinese New Year that’s why you need to be proactive. Placing your orders early will help you get ahead of other importers on choosing the most affordable freight rate and obtaining the lowest GRI (General Rate Increase) possible. You will also be able to reserve enough shipping space for your goods before containers run out of space.

Split your shipments

Another technique that you can use to keep your supply chain efficient during the Chinese New Year is splitting your shipments into two categories: Urgent and non-urgent.

Urgent shipments are time-sensitive goods that are either perishable or needed immediately by its user. On the other hand, non-urgent shipments are non-perishable goods that aren’t needed immediately but still needs to be delivered on time.

During the Chinese New Year freight peak season, you should consider transporting only your urgent shipments because non-urgent shipments can be transported during the regular season wherein the demand and rates are low.

Collaborate with a trusted local freight forwarder

Collaborating with a trusted freight forwarder will free you of all the trouble that comes with importing because they got the trust of their clients for a reason.

Most trusted freight forwarders are knowledgeable with freight peak seasons and has connections with multiple international transport organizations. In short, your freight forwarder can help you negotiate with your supplier for better prices.

Moreover, they will take care of the paperwork you need for importing, that’s why you can sit back and relax throughout the process.

Here at Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistics, you can make sure that you’re in the right hands. We don’t only have equipped and experienced people that are committed to keeping our clients’ supply chain efficient, we also conduct free orientation for those who are willing to learn about importation & exportation because it is our advocacy to share our knowledge & experience for 17 years in the business. 

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Why You Need a Freight Forwarding Partner in Your Supply Chain (Infographic)

Your company is getting bigger, and so are your market and the number of shipments to be made. The problem is, you don’t have your own shipping function. Why not get it outsourced through a freight forwarding partner so that you can focus on expanding your core business further?

Why You Need a Freight Forwarding Partner in Your Supply Chain

To help you fulfill the required documents

Document processing is one of the most crucial and complex stages in every business transaction. Especially in importing and exporting products, wherein there are many different documents, clearances, and permits to be processed. Through partnering with a freight forwarder, the fulfillment of your commercial, transport, financial, and government documents will be hassle-free because you will be assisted throughout the process.

To reduce expenditures

Freight forwarders ship loads of products on a regular basis, that is why they can use their affiliation with multiple transportation companies across the globe to negotiate for better prices on your behalf. Your freight forwarding partner can also cut back your costs through consolidating several small shipments with products from several clients into one large shipment.

To avoid product damage and delay

The main goal of every product-driven business is to have its goods delivered to the right location, intact and on-time. Teaming up with a freight forwarder will help you achieve it through cargo insurance document management services, route optimization, and transport tracking.

Products in transit are inevitably exposed to risks and dangers that is why cargo insurances are highly essential. In case of accidents, theft, and other unfortunate events during the transportation, damaged insured goods can be converted to cash claims.

While route optimization will make the delivery of your time-sensitive products faster by using the shortest and most convenient path. Most freight forwarding companies now use modern technology to find the best routes in order to avoid late deliveries.

Transport tracking, on the other hand, works through using tracking numbers as identification in determining the current location of a shipment.

Indeed, hiring a freight forwarding partner helps in optimizing a supply chain. But in choosing one, aside from the above-mentioned services and benefits, you must also ensure that the freight forwarder is dependable, trustworthy, and experienced to make sure you’re in good hands.

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