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At EXCELSIOR, we constantly endeavor to be a company of enduring greatness by providing only time-conscious, client-oriented, and exceptional delivery service. We hold our clients’ trust with premium importance, and this is why we pay close attention to all client requests and specifications, constantly ensure superior communication, and offer excellent shipment quality control, in order for us provide exceptional and timely delivery service, whether local or domestic, and whether by land, air, or sea.




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Our Vision

To Become An Enduring Great Company in the Industry.

Operating according to the framework of Good-to-Great, EXCELSIOR endeavours to be an enduring great company, providing exceptional, time-conscious, and individualised customer service.

Our Mission

To Give PEACE OF MIND to our Clients.

Our main goal is to provide clients with peace of mind with regard to their shipments as we maintain excellent communications and effectively ensure quality control, thereby creating a seamless continuity of freight transportation from warehouse to its designated endpoint.

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Excelsior Worldwide Logistics Corp Success Story

Excelsior Worldwide Logistics Corp success story has been cited by Victory Fort, as an encouragement to business men and professionals in their weekly gathering, to do what is right all the time and trust God to take care of the rest.

We Are Hiring

At EXCELSIOR, we are always excited to work with people who are in line with the values that we hold.

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Countries we serve

We are able to handle your shipment to any of the following destinations:

Industries we serve

We have been providing our shipping expertise to a wide range of industries:

  • Paper products
  • Stationery supplies
  • Sanitary products
  • Foodstuffs
  • Animal feeds
  • Construction materials
  • Stone & granite
  • Printing machine & inks supplies
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Steel
  • Textile & Fabrics
  • Industrial pumps
  • Wines & Beverages
  • Machinery Equipment

our services

We offer expert quality service for any of the following:



Customs Brokerage/licensed customs broker

Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier


import and export requirements assistance