5 Things A Professional Licensed Customs Broker Can Do For You – Infographic

A licensed customs broker is a professional who offers services involving shipments and delivery of goods across countries. Not to be confused with freight forwarding, customs brokerage gives more emphasis on ensuring that no issues regarding legalities will arise during the importing or exporting process.

Many enterprises today prefer hiring customs brokers in addition to freight forwarders because of all the complexities associated with the requirements. If you have a company currently suffering from a lot of hassles in clearing their shipments, hiring a licensed customs broker is definitely the best solution.

Here are five things a professional licensed broker can do for you:

5 Things A Professional Licensed Customs Broker Can Do For You - Infographic

1. Take care of all the customs paperwork

The name implied, their primary job is to serve as the intermediary between you (the client) and the government, specifically the customs authorities. This means that they possess enough knowledge that can complete all of the customs paperwork and other formalities in your place. And if you’re quite worried due to the sudden changes in the customs regulations, a licensed customs broker is always required to be updated at all times to make sure that you will not experience any unnecessary hassles in transporting your goods.

2. Discover new and potential markets

Out to customers abroad is a challenging task, especially for small businesses. Fortunately, licensed customs brokers can help you accumulate more customers across borders as they have a wider significant presence brought by the nature of their profession. They can also aid in formulating strategies on locating new and potential markets so that you can gradually increase your profits over time.

3. Make good use of modern technology for a more affordable and time-efficient service

Is not the only tool of licensed customs brokers. Taking advantage of modern technology, customs brokerage is now more advanced thanks to the development of automated systems that enables the faster exchange of data across geographical borders. Some licensed customs brokers can even provide you access in specific systems that can be used to optimize your productivity and also minimize that chances of non-compliance, saving you more money and time in the process.

4. Offer personalized services

Businesses are precisely the same, and licensed customs brokers are aware of this fact. To be more versatile in offering their services, they are always ready to satisfy the needs of their clients by making it more personalized. Even a small business can attain benefits by hiring a licensed customs broker!

5. Provide expert advice

A professional licensed customs broker can make the most of a customs brokerage service by hearing expert advice from their trusted broker. The essence of being a licensed customs broker far exceeds in making a living out of clearing shipments, but to enlighten and guide their clients on the customs regulations, tariffs, valuation, classification, etc. So, if you’re new to the industry, you can study its nuts and bolts by simply hiring a licensed customs broker.

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