Filipino Customs Brokerage 101

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Hiring a Licensed Broker for Your Business and Country

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of economic expansion or if you just want to expand your business operations, one of the smartest moves you can make is to hire a customs broker.

What is a Customs Broker?

A customs broker, as an individual or a company, is responsible for ensuring that the shipment of your items will reach its target customers in the safest possible manner. Licensed customs brokers are highly skilled logistics experts who provide that each shipment meets all international standards, rules, and laws.

Brokers also work closely with auditing authorities and law enforcement agencies to ensure that your shipments comply with local and national laws. With the assistance of a customs broker in the Philippines, you can enjoy the benefits of free-shipment services while enjoying the unique advantages of experiencing firsthand experience with their expert knowledge of Philippine customs.

A custom broker in the Philippines is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy the benefits of free or subsidized import services. Because tariffs are much lower on imported goods in the Philippines than in other countries worldwide, you can enjoy significant savings when it comes to shipping and transportation costs. Since import/export customs requirements are strictly followed, you can enjoy even faster processing and delivery of your products, making it easy to meet your deadline for delivery.

Here are ways of how a licensed broker in the Philippines can help upscale your business and the overall economy of the country:

Less Worry in Complying with the Necessary Documents for Shipping

All the paperwork involved in hiring a Filipino employee is already prepared for you. Brokers usually have documents on file from the government that you will need in order to hire your Filipino employee. Brokers also have agents abroad who will represent you before the immigration authorities. They are well-versed with how to talk to immigration officers to make sure that everything goes smoothly. They will also ensure that you have the documents needed to enable you to leave the country if required.

Break the Language Barrier

Another one benefit of a customs broker in the Philippines is that you will not have to deal with the language barrier. Almost all communication skills are learned during the training period. As a result, you and your agent will get along very well. In fact, you may even learn to converse in Tagalog or Filipino. In addition, you will not have to bother yourself with the process of teaching your new employee how to use the local language properly.

Support Local Filipino Workforce

You can get almost anything you need when hiring Filipino laborers. There are many factories in the Philippines that need help with their production lines and can get almost anything that you need when you are hiring brokers. For example, you can find a lot of good workers for your business in the Philippines if you are hiring directly from the factories. This way, you can give priority to the welfare of the Filipino workers.

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Why Your Business Needs a Licensed customs broker?-Infographic

In terms of importing goods into the country, one of the most important things you need to consider is hiring a licensed customs broker. The Philippine government requires its citizens to have a valid entry permit for imports and exports. Without this permit, these people are not entitled to import or export goods, and it can be a lot of hassle trying to acquire one if you don’t know what you’re doing. Hiring a licensed customs broker in the Philippines is also a great way to obtain one because they are experienced in acquiring and processing all sorts of export applications.

If you are planning to expand your target market abroad, here are the other reasons why hiring a licensed customs broker in the Philippines is beneficial for your business:

Versatile and Fast Export/Import Process

Hiring a broker in the Philippines is an excellent option because these brokers in the country are specialized in all

sorts of export-related matters. These include importing and exporting automobiles, electrical equipment, textiles, clothing, and other types of products. A broker in the Philippines can help you get things done fast, regardless of your business. You’ll have to be prepared to shell out some extra cash for their services. However, rest assured that you will get the best deal out of your money soon.

Establish Rapport with the Government

Dealing with customs requirements is not an easy task, with a bunch of documents that must be processed in order to legally transport your goods from one country to another. As the liaison between the business owner and the local authorities, a licensed customs broker’s knowledge about clearing customs requirements will help streamline your logistics needs.

More Transport Options

A licensed customs broker can also be your most essential asset in getting better deals with carrier companies. They can

even expand your choices by keeping in touch with multiple carriers via air, sea, and land. These services are often categorized by freight, sea, and truck freight services.

Opens New Opportunities

A licensed customs broker can open new opportunities for your business with a quick and efficient service by reaching new target markets. This, in turn, increases your customers, which ultimately leads to more sales.

Finding the best licensed customs broker in the Philippines

There are a few things that you need to look for when choosing a broker in the Philippines. First, ensure that they have experience in dealing with your type of goods. Most importantly, check on the firm’s background and reputation. As a client, you should be able to find out whether a company has a good reputation or not. Ask around, browse through the internet and read reviews about the various brokers in the country. It’s also a good idea to ask for a sample of the services they provide so you can really see how their services work.

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Why Hiring a Reliable Licensed Customs Broker is Important?

Licensed Customs Broker

The primary reason why people in the Philippines seek out the services of a licensed customs broker is that they do not have access to information regarding tariffs and customs duties that they may need to pay when importing or exporting goods. A customs broker in the Philippines can provide a wealth of knowledge to individuals that are either exporters themselves or are looking to expand their business into the Philippine market.

Licensed customs brokers are an invaluable asset to companies that are unsure of the requirement and regulations that they need to comply within the country. For instance, a company that is considering exporting vehicles from the Philippines needs to be aware of all the applicable laws and requirements that it will need to procure a vehicle. Without a proper understanding of these regulations, it is unlikely that the shipment will make it through the borders and into the hands of its intended destination.

However, in order to provide the best services, one essential characteristic that a licensed customs broker must have is reliability. A reliable customs broker enables any business owner to get rid of all of the worries brought by the complexities of international shipping

Below are the following reasons that make it worth the investment of hiring a licensed customs broker:

They can Ensure the Timely Arrival of Your Shipment

Time is a crucial factor when shipping products abroad. Apart from unexpected events like natural disasters (which are beyond our control), problems with the customs authorities of the receiving country might arise, resulting in unwanted delays. Licensed reliable customs brokers can help you prevent such issues as the core of their job revolves around applying their knowledge when it comes to complying with different customs regulations.

They can Lessen Your Expenses

Working on customs responsibilities typically requires some software or hardware that can automate several parts of the process. These programs might already cost a lot, especially in terms of maintenance alone. A competitive and licensed customs broker is capable of saving you the trouble of paying for these expenses as their service entitles them to use the latest technology to make your shipping more seamless and hassle-free.

They Never Hesitate to Tell You Their Specialization

Companies or agencies offering customs brokerage services often hire professionals that can do their job regardless of the type of product that must be transported. Nevertheless, asking the specialization of a customs broker can be an advantage as the licensed ones are usually endowed with enough experience and knowledge in shipping a particular type of product. Reliable customs brokers are always ready to provide an honest answer to this kind of question.

They can Accomplish Their Duties with Your Company Goals in Mind

Another sign of a reliable customs broker is that aside from clearing your shipment from customs authorities, they also have the initiative to study the goals of your business operations, as well as your company as a whole. With your company goals in mind, it is possible for the customs broker to formulate a more efficient and personalized strategy in legally shipping your products.

Jumpstart Your Shipment Needs with the Best Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers in Manila

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How Customs Brokerage Firms Help the Philippine Economy

How Customs Brokerage Firms Help the Philippine Economy

There are several factors that affect the economy of a country. From the total population, natural resources, to technological growth, it is highly essential for such a massive social unit to thrive and make efforts to enhance and develop its own economy.

In the Philippines, one particular industry is becoming more renowned as a great contributor to the country’s economic growth. Customs brokerage refers to the profession of rendering services to an organization, usually an exporter or importer, to assist them in clearing customs requirements and processes so that they can transfer their products in different locations without facing any legal issues.

The Bureau of Customs, the Philippine government’s agency that facilitates the nation’s trade through an effective customs system, had been touted local customs brokerage firms to be their partners in maintaining the economy. Why did the government say so?

Customs Brokers Helps the Government to Fight Corruption

Customs brokers, as licensed professionals, spent considerable time studying different customs regulations, as well as the most effective ways of negotiating with the authorities. This means that they are well educated on how the government agency operates. Since customs brokers are always dealing with them, it can be easy to spot and report any irregularities committed by any customs authority.

Customs Brokers Aid in Encouraging Investors in the Country

The Philippine government raises funds from taxes. Greater portions of taxes came from businesses. Customs brokers, in a way, encourage investors to do business in the country hence augmenting the country’s economic growth and providing the government with more funds more developing many projects such as infrastructure, public facilities, and combating poverty.

Customs Brokers Can Help Create More Jobs

This is inlined with the profession’s capability to trigger a chain of events that leads to attracting more people to invest in the Philippines. More businesses result in increased job demands, reducing the unemployment rate. This is perhaps one of the best benefits that are often neglected, as many people thought customs brokers only affects what’s going on within the field of the trade itself.

Customs Brokers as an Integral Profession

The Philippine government is currently in full support of the continuous rise of customs brokerage firms. As it was stated in the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA), one of the state’s ruling policies is that a priority and support must be given “to professionalizing the practice of customs brokers profession in the Philippines which will be beneficial to the country in general and to the economy in particular.” This further highlights the integrity of customs brokers as key players in maintaining the stability and growth of the Philippine economy in general.

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Traits of a Reliable Customs Clearance Service Provider – Infographic

Dealing with customs authorities for shipping your products is one of the most time-consuming and stressful parts of running an export or import business. Apart from hiring a reliable freight forwarder, getting a customs broker in the Philippines is also essential towards clearing your transported goods and keeping your supply chain in stable condition. But not all agents can be considered as “reliable” and “trustworthy.”

To make the most out of a customs brokerage service, one must be able to identify an agent or company that can provide the highest quality of service, with a considerable amount of experience and knowledge in the field.

Here are some signs that a customs broker is definitely a worthy investment for your business

Traits of a Reliable Customs Clearance Service Provider - Infographic

A Reliable Customs Broker Is a Licensed Professional

Every country has its own laws that regulate the individuals that practice customs brokerage. The Bureau of Customs (BOC) in the Philippines is the one that issues information regarding accreditation guidelines for customs brokers. With a licensed customs broker, expect that you will experience a seamless and trustworthy service that keeps your shipping goals on the right track.

A Reliable Customs Broker Possess Excellent Organizational Skills

With a plethora of documents and requirements that must be cleared, being organized must always be a staple trait of every customs broker. The client will be the one to suffer in case something during the shipping process goes wrong, so a reliable customs broker should be able to prevent unnecessary errors and ensure that the goods will be able to arrive at its destination without delays.

A Reliable Customs Broker Must Be Well-Educated and Trained

Similar to other professions, customs brokers should spend a significant amount of time for training and keeping an ample amount of knowledge on different topics such as logistics and laws that concern product transportation. Being a reliable customs broker in the Philippines requires familiarization of laws and regulations, including trade-related information, and basically everything about customs processes and requirements for clearing shipments.

A Reliable Customs Broker Must Be Always Updated With Any Recent Changes in Customs Policies and Freight Forwarding Process

One of the reasons why many businesses today are more inclined to hiring freight forwarders and customs brokers in the Philippines is that requirements for clearing shipments can change at any given moment. Customs brokerage service providers that are top-notch in the industry tend to experience lesser problems when complying with the requirements because they always keep themselves updated with everything that is going on, especially in customs and freight forwarding policies.

A Reliable Customs Broker Must Have Adequate Knowledge about Your Business

It is highly beneficial for your business if your chosen customs broker is equipped with enough knowledge regarding the nature of your shipment. This way, you can get expert advice that can make save you a lot of resources when transporting your goods in the future.

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Why You Need a Licensed Customs Broker in the Philippines

Why You Need a Licensed Customs Broker in the Philippines

Commercial businesses in the Philippines, especially those that specialize in importing and exporting, are always facing challenges that are often involved with shipping and customs processes. Transporting products in and out of the country requires an enterprise to comply with specific rules and regulations that can be complex and time-consuming. This became the reason why customs brokerage has become an ever-growing business trend as hiring a licensed customs broker can save a business owner from getting worried about preparing the necessary documents.

Are you planning to run an import/export business in the country? Then you better know more about how customs brokers and why you need to hire one:

Reason #1: To Establish Effective Communication with the Government Authorities

Dealing with government authorities to ship your products can be a tedious process that requires technical knowledge in the existing laws and regulations. For your shipment to be released by Philippine Customs and other government bodies, you will have to submit a number of documents and fill-out forms. Failure to effectively communicate while complying with such requirements can result in wrong shipment information and further delay in your supply chain.

Customs brokers can get rid of this problem because they are well-connected with those in authority, speeding up the clearing process and avoid any problems usually associated with customs requirements.

Reason #2: To Help You Focus More on Other Areas of Your Business

With a trusted customs broker taking care of your shipment tasks that you were supposed to do, you will find yourself in a more convenient situation. More time means more opportunity for addressing other important areas of your business, such as managing your employees, daily operations, etc.

Reason #3: To Prevent Unnecessary Expenses

There are some businesses today who gets fallen on the trap of clearing shipments themselves because they thought that it would save them more money. This is a clear misconception because the rules and regulations in cross-border transactions can fluctuate at any given moment, making it easy for know-it-all companies to experience delays, and others unwittingly commit violations that could prompt them to spend more money in the long run.

Reason #4: To Save Time and Effort

Time, as a precious resource for an import/export business. Depending on the nature of your products, ensuring that it will arrive at its destination on time is a must. Customs brokers in the Philippines are trained and skilled enough to work in a way that can optimize the flow of your overall supply chain, especially in the aspect of product shipping.

Reason #5: To Help You Find the Best Option for Shipping

A customs broker can serve as a guide for your shipping options. By considering several factors, customs brokers can recommend the best carrier, be it via air, ocean freight, or truck freight.


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Responsibilities of a Licensed Customs Broker – Infographic

A customs broker is a licensed individual that offers services involving the shipment of imported goods as well as clearing the required documentation for export shipments and collecting taxes.

Many licensed customs brokers today tend to have connections with freight forwarders, shipping lines, private institutions, and even the trade authorities in order to serve as the intermediary between importers and the government.

Having a licensed customs broker is highly beneficial, especially if you’re a business owner looking for more customers abroad. Transporting your products is going to be quite an arduous process, with all of that complicated paperwork that must be complied to a given period of time. To lessen your stress and focus more on managing other aspects of your business, a licensed customs brokerage service is the key.

To make you more aware of what licensed customs brokers do, here is a list of their duties that are highly beneficial for businesses that need immediate help in product shipping:

Responsibilities of a Licensed Customs Broker - Infographic

  1. Facilitate Customs Transactions

A licensed customs broker shall help their clients with all the required documents for clearing the imported goods from the receiving customs department. He/She must prepare the entry form which indicates essential information such as the source country, classification code, total weight, and quantity of the goods. Additionally, the broker can also handle other paperwork related to exporting goods.

  1. Represent Their Clients

Since they mostly deal with customs authorities, customs brokers shall be the representative of their clients when it comes to customs-related transactions. A customs broker should be ready to enlighten their clients about the latest changes in customs laws and regulations.

  1. Review the Classification of Goods

Errors in classifying goods can result in additional expenses in taxes and duties, so a licensed customs broker prevents this from happening by reviewing the classification of their client’s goods.

  1. Payments of Duties and Fees

After the review and calculation, all of the expenses in customs duties must be properly calculated by the broker and gets it paid directly from the account.

  1. Record Keeping

A customs broker must be liable to maintain the confidentiality of all transaction records and documents of their clients. And similar to what freight forwarders do, customs brokers should also keep track of their clients’ shipped goods to ensure its safe arrival upon the destination.

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5 Questions to Ask When Looking for a New Licensed Customs Broker

Questions to Ask When Looking for a New Licensed Customs Broker

So you just decided to hire a new licensed customs broker to keep your supply chain from getting disrupted by the complexities of shipping processes. In addition to freight forwarders, having a trusted licensed customs broker can bring ease and save a lot of time in transporting your products especially on an international scale.

However, with the growing emergence of such a profession, finding the appropriate licensed customs broker for your business can become quite challenging as everyone will surely fight their way to have you as a client. Not all licensed customs brokers can provide the same level of service, which means that you must be ready to know more about them before making an agreement.

Here are five questions that you must remember when looking for a new licensed customs broker:

  1. May I see your track record?

Knowing the track record can make you more confident that your new licensed customs broker can handle well all of the customs requirements and other related tasks for your business. This can be done after doing initial research. A licensed customs broker working for a company will most likely possess a good online presence. Try visiting their official website and see if they have other online platforms used for reaching out with potential clients. You might even take a glimpse of their track record by checking out some of their webpages, but you still have to ask them in person to see if they can give you consistent information. The more reliable the track record is, the better.

You can additionally look for any certification to verify their license.

  1. Do you have any pending lawsuits?

Since licensed customs brokers frequently deal with customs authorities, dealing with any lawsuit could mean incompetence and a tarnished reputation. While the firm you’re talking with might avoid topics such as this, it’s still quite better to ask them and verify their answer by thorough research.

  1. What is your vision?

Know more about the short and long term goals of the company. Remember the possibility of spending a great deal of time with them, so you better be aware of how assertive they can be. You can give more emphasis on their vision regarding the usage of modern technology in helping their clients clear different shipping processes.

  1. How much will your service cost?

This question will most likely start a long conversation consisting of negotiations between you and the broker. Prices can vary based on your agreement but be sure to have a detailed breakdown of all the services that are going to be rendered. You should also talk about their payment processes to avoid hassles in the future.

  1. Can you provide quality service based on client needs?

Your new licensed customs broker must at least have some experience when it comes to dealing with clients that are related to your industry. This can be an indicator that they will be able to provide your needs as well. Keep in mind that versatility is an attractive trait in business especially those that offer expert services.

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5 Things A Professional Licensed Customs Broker Can Do For You – Infographic

A licensed customs broker is a professional who offers services involving shipments and delivery of goods across countries. Not to be confused with freight forwarding, customs brokerage gives more emphasis on ensuring that no issues regarding legalities will arise during the importing or exporting process.

Many enterprises today prefer hiring customs brokers in addition to freight forwarders because of all the complexities associated with the requirements. If you have a company currently suffering from a lot of hassles in clearing their shipments, hiring a licensed customs broker is definitely the best solution.

Here are five things a professional licensed broker can do for you:

5 Things A Professional Licensed Customs Broker Can Do For You - Infographic

1. Take care of all the customs paperwork

The name implied, their primary job is to serve as the intermediary between you (the client) and the government, specifically the customs authorities. This means that they possess enough knowledge that can complete all of the customs paperwork and other formalities in your place. And if you’re quite worried due to the sudden changes in the customs regulations, a licensed customs broker is always required to be updated at all times to make sure that you will not experience any unnecessary hassles in transporting your goods.

2. Discover new and potential markets

Out to customers abroad is a challenging task, especially for small businesses. Fortunately, licensed customs brokers can help you accumulate more customers across borders as they have a wider significant presence brought by the nature of their profession. They can also aid in formulating strategies on locating new and potential markets so that you can gradually increase your profits over time.

3. Make good use of modern technology for a more affordable and time-efficient service

Is not the only tool of licensed customs brokers. Taking advantage of modern technology, customs brokerage is now more advanced thanks to the development of automated systems that enables the faster exchange of data across geographical borders. Some licensed customs brokers can even provide you access in specific systems that can be used to optimize your productivity and also minimize that chances of non-compliance, saving you more money and time in the process.

4. Offer personalized services

Businesses are precisely the same, and licensed customs brokers are aware of this fact. To be more versatile in offering their services, they are always ready to satisfy the needs of their clients by making it more personalized. Even a small business can attain benefits by hiring a licensed customs broker!

5. Provide expert advice

A professional licensed customs broker can make the most of a customs brokerage service by hearing expert advice from their trusted broker. The essence of being a licensed customs broker far exceeds in making a living out of clearing shipments, but to enlighten and guide their clients on the customs regulations, tariffs, valuation, classification, etc. So, if you’re new to the industry, you can study its nuts and bolts by simply hiring a licensed customs broker.

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What’s the Difference Between a Freight Forwarder and a Customs Broker – Infographic

Some exporters nowadays often mistook a freight forwarder for a customs broker and vice versa. While may be working in the same industry, both are fairly different from each other. Here are some of the telltale facts that draw the fine line between the two professions.

Difference Between a Freight Forwarder and a Customs Broker - Infographic

1. Definitions

A Freight Forwarder is an agent or company that specializes in logistics and organizing of shipments in place of an individual or a company, to transport their goods. This kind of service usually requires a great deal of connection in the supply chain.

On the other hand, a Customs Broker is a private individual or firm that serves as guide for both importers and exporters in meeting the necessary requirements given by the customs authorities.

2. Duties and Responsibilities

Freight Forwarders are the ones responsible for handling all the processes when it comes in exportation of a cargo. From bringing the goods to its mode of shipment (e.g. truck, plane, or ship) to its arrival at the target destination, the freight forwarders have it all covered.  They also give advice as to how to get the best deal for the cost of transportation, as well as guarantee the safety and timely arrival of the goods. To know more about the importance of a freight forwarder please check out the infographic


Customs Brokers are in charge of submitting all important documents like clearances in order for the shipments to be legally allowed to enter its country of destination. They also tend to have a wide area of knowledge when it comes in every entry procedure, including other payments like taxes and fees for imported merchandise. In addition to that they can also help shippers through the following:

  • Customs bonds
  • Importer Security Fillings
  • Dispatching for final delivery
  • Duty drawback
  • Reconciliation

One thing custom broker can be similar with freight forwarders is that they can as well give recommendations. Only this time, they do it for the purpose of providing the client on getting the most efficient way of clearing their goods in accordance to customs entry rules and regulations.

3. Can a Freight Forwarder be a Customs Broker at the same time?

Since Freight forwarders can be a wider term compared to customs brokers which has a more specific job, there are cases in which a freight forwarder can offer services similar to that of a customs broker. However, not every customs broker can be a freight forwarder.

For many business owners trying import or export their goods, having both freight forwarders and customs brokers are very critical in ensuring its proper arrival on time while adhering to the complicated rules and process of international shipment.

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