Advantages of Having an Honest Customs Broker

Advantages of Having an Honest Customs Broker

Professionalism and Integrity have always been an imperative aspect in every industry. In trading business, it is an utmost priority to choose an honest and capable customs brokerage firm to ensure that the import and export operations are done diligently and legitimately. Likewise, getting your shipments abroad or on the local shores without worrying about legal and ethical dilemmas is the core purpose of why customs brokerage are here to be present.

Check our thoughts below and see why a truthful and straight to the point customs brokerage company is going to be your greatest ally in your import and/or export business.

  1. They Will Take Proper Care of Shipping All Your Products
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A genuine customs broker makes sure that all of your freights will arrive at your local warehouse on-time and with no legal requirements bypassed. A legitimate customs brokerage firm ensures that you are complying with various Customs Regulations. If these regulations are neglected or avoided, it may cause time delay on delivering the shipments, or worst, get the shipments confiscated by customs authorities.

If you leave your customs responsibilities to a non-seasoned and incapable customs broker, you might just be surprised to see your products all piled up in the port- seized by authorities, and you ending up paying a large sum of penalties or even face criminal liabilities, which can taint the reputation of your company.

An honest customs broker, aside from assisting you with all legal requirements, will give you advice on additional up-to-date Customs compliance on constantly changing trade rules and security requirements- thus protecting your business against costly penalties and customs audits.

  1. They Allow Your Company to Retain More Money Than Losing It.
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Basically, doing the customs responsibilities in-house requires having various hardware and software to carry out the task. In addition, these installations will also incur periodical maintenance cost and other associated overhead related to having an in-house Customs expert. A customs broker firm who is dedicated to serving its clients truthfully and to the full extent is equipped with various programs and technology to help you perform your import and export task or communicate with Customs officials.

Also, although it is the basic duty of a customs broker to steer your company clear of shipments problems, they will also seek out and take advantage of applicable trade agreements opportunities. Trade agreements like ASEAN, JPEPA, and EFTA free trade agreement can reduce shipping duties and taxes, allowing your company to retain more money.


  1. An Honest Customs Broker Will Tell You Which Goods They Specializes In

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Truth to be told, some customs brokerage companies today doesn’t mind the type of product that your company is shipping. Having said that, it is important to get an honest customs broker that will tell what kind of products they specialize in or is at least familiar with the goods you’re shipping. For instance, if you’re shipping electronic components for export, you don’t want a broker a broker that mostly handles household commodities.

If your customs broker is honest with you, they will tell you right ahead that they are not yet capable handling the product you want to ship, but given that a professional relationship has been established, they will give you the best options on how you can ship your products with without worrying too much about its safety. Of course, this includes trust, formal agreements, and other arrangements that will ensure that your goods are handled properly.

  1. They Understand Your Goals and Reason for Shipping.
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Another thing that makes an honest customs broker investment worthy is that they analyze your goals and reason for merchandising such product. This not only enables them to form a much stronger partnership with you but also giving them the foundation for the proper distribution strategy that they have to employ.

A professional broker will take an interest in learning the mechanics of your business and asks questions about your business model- giving an outside yet fresh perspective and insights subsequently. To achieve this, a two-way communication must exist first, and a thorough understanding of your company’s key strengths and weaknesses must be established during the negotiation stage.


  1.  They Are Willing to Correct Mistakes and Prompt for What’s Missing.


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If you want to seek the help of a customs broker, you must first provide all the necessary paperwork to them. And because you are ultimately responsible for the filing and paying taxes and duties, you should look for a reliable and a sincere customs broker who are willing to correct mistakes and is quick in notifying you for missing important details. If it is your first time to ship products, an honest customs broker should recognize that you are right after you talk to them. They will assist on every aspect of customs along the way, and wouldn’t wait for you to give them what they need.
They are proactive, and will provide it because it is part of the relationship. Given that you have checked their credibility- some unique situations wherein they were able to help other companies on certain issues or their level of emphasis on details, accuracy, and compliance- it is guaranteed that a synergetic type of relationship will ensue between your chosen broker and your company.

In conclusion, a reliable and ethical customs broker should give you the peace of mind and confidence in every importing and/or export endeavors. At Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistic and Excelsior Customs Brokerage, we ensure that your shipments will be able to cross international borders in a safe and efficient way. And because we strongly believe that your time is a critical element in your business strategy, we want to offer you a customs brokerage service that is  well-grounded on professionalism, integrity, and efficiency.

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