5 Questions a Logistics Expert Might Ask You – Infographic

Given the scenario that you’re a business owner looking to ship your goods from coast to coast, you will definitely need someone that can guide you through the process. Requirements that are needed to transfer your shipment could further encumber your already busy schedule. What’s even worse is that unchecked cargo could lead to delayed arrivals and other similar problems which could bring detrimental effects to your supply chain.

Fortunately, you have one option: hire a freight forwarder. In case you don’t know what freight forwarders are, they can be an agent or a company that offers services such as organizing shipments in place of their clients. They always make sure that the client will get the proper assistance they need with all of the customs requirements, other legal processes, etc. They also ensure the safe and timely arrival of goods to its intended destination.

Since they’re dealing with a network of carriers and customs authorities, you should’ve realized by now that freight forwarders are experts in the field of logistics. If you wanted to contact one of them, you must be ready to ask these five questions first so that they can provide you the highest and appropriate kind of service you deserved.

5 Questions a Logistics Expert Might Ask You - Infographic

Question no. 1: What type of commodity you’re planning to ship?

Your chosen freight forwarder will most likely ask what type of commodity you’re planning to ship. Is it something perishable, like fresh meat, fruits, seafood? Or non-perishables such as canned goods, machinery, tools, etc.? Moreover, they will also become curious as to whether your goods are hazardous or requires careful handling and temperature controls.

Question no. 2: What type of carrier would you prefer?

Shipping your goods in air is very different from shipping it in the ocean. The condition of your products (especially the perishable ones) are required depending on the environment of your selected carrier.

Question no. 3: How many cartons do you plan to ship?

Knowing the exact quantity of your shipment is another responsibility of freight forwarders so that they can be certain that all of it will leave point A and will successfully reach point B. You need to be particular in number especially if you have a lot of cartons with different sizes.

Question no. 4: Where are you going to your goods?

Normally, the location would be the manufacturer’s factory. In case you’re going to ship your goods abroad, knowing the location of your shipment’s destination will help a lot in complying with specific documents that may vary from country to country.

Question no. 5: Would you like to stack your cartons on a pallet?

Knowing whether you will stack your cartons on a pallet will enable your freight forwarder to estimate the weight and cubic space that it will occupy. This can help a lot when calculating the total weight and volume of the shipment appropriately.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Logistics Management – Infographic

Logistics refer to the detailed coordination of a complex operation that involves people, facilities and supplies. In the world of business, logistics is the practice of managing a certain flow of things between the point of origin and point of consumption in order to satisfy the needs of customers and operations.

Many enterprises today tend to pay a lot of attention to the way of how they manage logistics because it basically helps them to increase the value of their business. Logistics have the capability to enhance the merchandise and make the products much more accessible. Additionally, the economy of a country depends heavily on the efficiency of logistics to support the stable movement and flow of many economic operations.

Logistics management is one of the most vital components of business operations as its result often brings a significant impact on the internal processes as well as relation with customers.

Strategic planning and knowledge combined are two of the basic qualities every business leader must have in order to perform excellent logistics management.

To help you achieve such a state where logistics is your business’ primary tool against competitors, here are five ways to improve your logistics management.

5 Ways to Improve Your Logistics Management - Infographic

  1. Keep your inventory intact

Some businesses often made the mistake of putting a large quantity of their stocks in a small warehouse. If your stocks are too many for your warehouse to host, then it might be better to consider partnering with third-party warehousing. Failure to use a suitable facility makes you unable to do efficient inventory management, which may eventually lead to supply shortage and delayed orders.

But if third party warehousing is not a choice for you, it is always better to maintain a sizable inventory at your warehouse as much as possible.

  1. Facilitate dialogue between employees

Character also plays a major role in the success of a business in the aspect of logistics. Establishing deeper relationships among employees promotes a type of mindset that in unity, there is a victory. If you start to facilitate dialogue or healthy conversations with your employees, they will soon be encouraged to do it with each other as well. This can allow them to strengthen their ability to work as a single unit and accomplish their task efficiently and competitively.

  1. Always update your customers

Outstanding logistics management is a way to excel in providing customer service. Once your employees were able to meet the needs and expectations of your customers, it is more likely that your customers will buy more of your products.

If you wanted to amp up your logistics management in relation to customer service, being more transparent on your logistical purchasing processes keeps them more contented and loyal in the long run. This can be done by sending informative emails, tracking numbers, and other information that keeps them well informed.

  1. Provide your employees with adequate training

Members of your staff who regularly manage orders and handle information in a conventional way must be given sufficient training on the more sophisticated and modern methods or techniques. You can discuss this idea with your HR department or ask the software vendor to organize training sessions for your team.

  1. Observe your leading competitors

Though there’s going to be a lot of competition going their way, seeing them as hindrances won’t help you achieve your goal. Instead, you can take a closer look at some of your leading competitors and see what specific abilities and tools they have in order to keep their level of logistical competitiveness high. As a rule of thumb, you can take a note at your competitors:

  • Modern Software Systems
  • Newest techniques and strategies in logistics management
  • Training programs for their staff members

If you wanted to take your logistics management to the next level, take heed of these five tips to ensure that you will maintain competitiveness by organizing your most daunting business processes!

Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistics conduct free orientation for those who are willing to learn. It is our advocacy to share our knowledge & experience worth more than a decade in the business. Visit our website today at www.excelsior.ph to learn more about our service.

Excelsior Worldwide Logistics Corp Success Story

Early this year, Excelsior Worldwide Logistics Corporation’s success story has been cited by Victory Fort, as an encouragement to business men and professionals in their weekly gathering.

In the series Faith to Conquer that discusses about the worthy cause of faith through obedience, Pastor Jeff Eliscupidez shared how the company turned around from following corrupt practices in the industry, to being fully transformed by obeying what the Bible is teaching in 2009.

With the leadership of its founder and owner, Victor Hermosa, Excelsior experienced a short term contraction in business due to clients who are used to the usual corrupt industry practice to speed up release of their shipments in the government body that overseas importation and exportation of goods.

However, with his strong desire to obey his faith, Victor had to accept the departure of many of his accounts and trust God that obedience will lead to blessings.

In this video Pastor Jeff Eliscupidez shared what happened shortly after obeying God’s call for righteousness.

Currently, Excelsior Worldwide Logistics Corporation is continually experiencing God’s favour and business growth, expanding it’s coverage to be able to accommodate the increasing needs of it’s customers. Aiming to give them the peace of mind by making sure that everything is done right, investing in it’s people development and technology to be able to give topnotch quality service and experience.

To see the full video, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIXKYbc9S34&feature=youtu.be

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