4 Common Traits of the Best Freight Forwarders – Infographic

Freight forwarders can be a firm or a company that specializes in services that make your shipping needs much easier to handle. People that engage competitively in the business industry today usually require the help of freight forwarders so that they can free themselves up from the complicated nuts and bolts of the processes involved with both importation and exportation.

With the growing number of freight forwarding companies always available to render their services to any willing client, picking the best one might prove to be very tricky. However, some characteristics can easily distinguish an excellent freight forwarder from the rest.

By knowing these four traits, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices in case you’re stuck with a list of freight forwarders that you can potentially hire in the future:

4 Common Traits of the Best Freight Forwarders - Infographic

Trait #1: Has a Good Track Record

A good freight forwarder will be much more obliged and willing to share some of their history and past achievements with potential clients such as you. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the age of their company, the number of their staff, and other relevant questions that makes them pretty reliable.

Also, be sure to visit their official website to see if they received any awards or recognition as well as testimonies from former clients.

Trait #2: Has a Reliable Network

Having a wide network of contacts from different carriers and customs officials on an international scale is a true mark of a competitive freight forwarding company. If they can communicate with people involved with the shipping process, then you don’t have to worry about the current status of your shipment which can also prevent problems like late arrivals and damages.

Trait #3: Can Establish Effective Communication with the Client

One way of knowing whether a freight forwarder you’re contacting with is definitely one of the best is the way of how they establish communication with you. If they are successful in making a friendly relationship with you right from the start to the point that you don’t have to ask them questions any further, then congratulations, you just found the one!

Trait #4: Services that Suits Your Needs

The best freight forwarders usually offer a wide range of services that are highly compatible with any kind of client. This trait makes them a very versatile partner that ensures the stability of your supply chain. So, it is highly recommended to ask them questions about all of their available services.

Take heed of these four traits, and you’re now several steps ahead of finding the best freight forwarder that can help you succeed with your business!

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