Indications of a Reliable and Trustworthy Freight Forwarding Company

Indications of a Reliable and Trustworthy Freight Forwarding Company

A freight forwarding company is a firm that offers the arrangement of shipping goods in place of an individual client or company. Many businesses today prefer hiring the service of freight forwarders in order to sustain their competence in the world market.

While there can be a wide variety of companies to choose from, finding the most reliable and trustworthy freight forwarder can become quite tricky since there are indeed some risks involved concerning the safety and timely arrival of your products from one place to another.

So, without further ado, here are the telltale qualities that can easily help you determine a reliable and trustworthy freight forwarding company:

Possesses good credentials

One of the most easily identifiable signs of a competitive freight forwarding company is a list of credentials. These can be awards, testimonials from former and existing clients, and specific accreditations from the government. Knowing this can almost guarantee that a freight forwarder is capable of providing the best quality of services available.

Strong and wide network of contacts

A strong and wide network of contacts is an essential tool of a reliable freight forwarder, especially when conducting international shipments. The company must utilize their contacts with carriers to move the goods. They should also maintain friendly relations with several custom brokers as well as other forwarding agents in foreign countries. This will help them establish effective communication when they are trying to request for any updates about the status of the package, which can prevent possible delays on the arrival of goods.

A range of quality services

A trustworthy freight forwarding company usually doesn’t only provide one kind of service. Instead, aside from product shipping, they also specialize in an extensive range of services such as trucking, assistance in the requirements of importing and exporting, breakbulk agency, among others. Having a range of services is a testament to a company’s ability in singlehandedly managing a set of complicated but important business requirements.

Excellent knowledge in document processes

Being an expert in the nuts and bolts of running the documentation procedures of shipping is a perk of a trustworthy freight forwarding company. This enables them to do their job efficiently by properly guiding and assisting the clients in the step-by-step process that can prevent them from spending too much money as well as precious time due to utter confusion.

Customer Service

Most experienced clients prefer a freight forwarding company that grants them information regarding their best rates and options. Moreover, having an active website, email, or contact number that regularly interacts with the customers looking for inquiries makes that kind of company a highly sought-after one.

A decent packaging service

Another trait of a trustworthy freight forwarding company is its skill in sustaining the safety of the products through a proper and foolproof packaging service. Packaging serves as the main protection of goods during the shipping time, so it is most vital for the company to have the proper kind of packaging regardless of what kind of goods they’re transporting.

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