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The Future of Supply Chain Management

According to investopedia.com, supply chain management refers to the practice of organizing the flow of goods and services which also…
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Minimizing the Effects of Supply Chain Disruption during the Pandemic-Infographic

Due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19, many surviving enterprises started to introduce new methods and techniques when it comes…
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Getting the Best Rates from Your Freight Forwarder

Many businesses today, such as those that specialize in importing and exporting goods, seek the help of a skilled freight…
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Importance of Bill of Lading-Infographic

The expansion of international trade for as early as the medieval times led to the development of a system to…
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Guide for Successful Exporting

  Exporting or the act of trading goods by sending them over to another country has been an attractive venture…
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How to Prevent Shipping Damage - Infographic

How to Prevent Shipping Damage – Infographic

Shipping damage can cost any business owner a significant loss in annual gross sales. Although it can be prevented, damages…
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